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Friday, April 26, 2024

Cavadini on "Research and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition"

It's by John Cavadini (Notre Dame) so "self-recommending," etc., but I also highly recommend this piece at Church Life Journal.  In particular, it should be a must-read for all administrators and leaders and benefactors and faculty of Catholic universities that might be tempted to imagine that the path to flourishing, or "relevance", is to relegate "Catholic" stuff to residential life and campus ministry, or to water down Catholic universities' mission, character, and charism to vague and unobjectionable nice-words like "sustainability", "inclusion", and "justice".  As many of us have said, many times, on this blog over the last 20 (!) years, a Catholic university is only interesting if, and to the extent that, it is Catholic.  And, as every reasonable and informed observer knows, but as many still need to be reminded, there is no dissonance between the well-functioning (correctly understood) of a university and the (meaningfully) Catholic intellectual tradition.


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