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Monday, November 6, 2023

Misguided Moral Equivalence from the Kroc Institute

A few days ago, Notre Dame's Kroc Institute's published an"Open Letter for Peace" in the student newspaper, The Observer (October 30, 2023), stating that "[w]e are horrified by Hamas’ recent attack on Israel and the taking of hostages. We are appalled by Israel’s bombing of Gaza, which is killing, injuring, and displacing Palestinian civilians[.]" The Letter also noted, correctly, that "[i]nternational law prohibits the targeting of civilians."
More clarity and care were needed in the open letter.  No comparison can plausibly be drawn between, on the one hand, the gruesome October 7 terror-murders, rapes, and kidnappings by Hamas and, and on the other, Israel's lawful actions against the leaders and assets of a genocidal terrorist organization. Nothing -- nothing -- can justify or excuse the former. Hamas illegally and immorally targets civilians and uses human shields for propaganda purposes; Israel does not. The responsibility for the suffering of civilians in Gaza, and for the rape and torture of civilians in Israel, lies with Hamas, its sponsors, and its supporters.  It is very troubling to see -- especially on our campuses -- expressions not only of solidarity with Gazan civilians who are victimized by Hamas -- Hamas snipers are shooting civilians who try to evacuate -- but of support for Hamas itself, and its genocidal ambitions.
I was pleased, though, that the University's president, Fr. Jenkins, was a "founding supporter" of this strong letter about "moral clarity" in the war against Hamas.


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