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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

"Life After Dobbs"

My colleague, Prof. Gerard Bradley, has a must-read essay in the latest issue of First Things, called "Life After Dobbs."  Bradley gives the Dobbs opinions very close reads, and identifies carefully what, on his reading, the case does, and does not, mean.  After canvassing the current state of play with respect to abortion regulation, he reports that "post-Dobbs developments are worse than pro-lifers expected, and far worse than most hoped. They cannot but be sobering to pro-life Americans. . . .  What, then, is to be done?," he asks.

In Bradley's view, Dobbs turns out to be not only a "neutral", "return the issue to politics", ruling but actually, in "five ways", a pro-life one, that establishes the basis of a legal strategy for protecting the unborn[.]"  Check it out!


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