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Friday, December 23, 2022

Podcast on New Year's Day, New York Blue Laws, and the Establishment Clause

And speaking of culture warriors, usually around this time of year one sees the standard, angry Establishment Clause challenge to a Christmas tree or nativity scene positioned in the wrong place, or a Stabat Mater sung in the wrong school concert. I'm sure those are also being pursued, according to the culture warrior tradition.

But this year, there is a different kind of Establishment Clause complaint in New York. The wasted remnant of an old blue law, which has been dismembered bit by bit over the years, is not making bar owners' spirits bright. Eris Evolution, a hipster bar in Brooklyn whose name recalls the Greek goddess of misery and discord, would like to serve alcohol from 4-8AM on January 1. But it happens to be a Sunday this year. 

Mark and I chat about an EDNY district court opinion in the case denying an injunction to the bar, now up on appeal, in our last Legal Spirits podcast of the year. 


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