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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Cancel Culture Targets Charity

A very important opinion piece is in the WSJ today by Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel and senior vice president of corporate engagement for Alliance Defending Freedom.

Tedesco details the work by Unmasking Fidelity, a loose coalition of fringe groups that recently delivered a list of demands to Fidelity Charitable, which manages a donor-advised fund through which account holders can direct contributions to their favorite nonprofits. Such proposals are a threat to freedom of speech, freedom of association, and the rights of donors to practice philanthropy.

As Tedesco writes:

Those who care about philanthropic freedom aren’t about to sit idly by and watch Unmasking Fidelity strip Americans of their rights to free speech, free association and privacy. That’s why more than 1,800 financial advisers, investment professionals and nonprofit leaders have signed a letter urging Fidelity Charitable’s leadership to reject Unmasking Fidelity’s demand that it serve as a roadblock to charitable giving.



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