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Thursday, August 19, 2021

A strong stand for academic freedom by Yale legal scholars

Kudos to the following distinguished legal scholars, all present or emeritus Sterling Professors of Law at Yale, who have taken a firm stand against American Bar Association proposed rules that would undermine law schools' institutional autonomy and, even more importantly, core principles of academic freeom:

Bruce A. Ackerman, John H. Langbein, Akhil R. Amar, Jerry L. Mashaw, Mirjan R. Damaska Robert C. Post, Owen M. Fiss, Roberta Romano, Anthony T. Kronman, and Alan Schwartz

Among the proposals to which they strongly object is the idea of requiring "diversity, equity, and inclusion training." This "training" is--or quickly degenerates into--indoctrination, and indoctrination has no place in serious academic institutions of any type.

Read about another strong--and courageous--stand against such indoctrination here:



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