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Friday, May 28, 2021

FDR's 1933 address to the National Conference of Catholic Charities

A friend sent me a link to this speech, by President Roosevelt, to the National Conference of Catholic Charities in 1933.  Here's a bit:

[T]he people of the United States still recognize, and, I believe, recognize with a firmer faith than ever before, that spiritual values count in the long run more than material values. Those people in other lands, and I say this advisedly, those in other lands who have sought by edict or by law to eliminate the right of mankind to believe in God and to practice that belief, have, in every known case, discovered sooner or later that they are tilting in vain against an inherent, essential, undying quality, indeed necessity, of the human race —a quality and a necessity which in every century have proved an essential to permanent progress—and I speak of religion.


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