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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Vita Institute 2020

Notre Dame's Vita Institute will offer a special 5-part webinar series on the fundamental life issues, presented by premier Notre Dame Vita Institute faculty! This free series of lectures accompanied by live Q&A will explore the philosophical, biological, legal, theological, and sociological foundations of the pro-life issues with a focus on the beginning of life. Each evening's session will last 75 minutes.

Registration (available soon) is necessary to join in the webinar – you can attend one or all of the sessions as your schedule allows. Those who register will also enjoy access to the entire series after the presentations are complete (for a limited time).

Link here: https://ethicscenter.nd.edu/events/2020/06/15/vita-institute-2020-night-1/


Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, June 15:
"Abortion: The Philosophical Arguments" by Francis Beckwith, Baylor University

Tuesday, June 16:
"When Does Human Life Begin? The Scientific Evidence" by Rev. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., Providence College

Wednesday, June 17:
"U.S. Abortion Law and Policy" by O. Carter Snead, Notre Dame Law School

Thursday, June 18:
"Feminism and Abortion" by Jessica Keating, Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity

Friday, June 19:
"Resisting A Throw-Away Culture" by Rev. John Paul Kimes, Notre Dame Law School


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