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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Some misreporting of my views in a Breitbart article

This kind of incompetent reporting of things I've said drives me nuts. I guess that it "goes with the territory," though, for people who take the risk of commenting on public affairs.
I'm sure the reporter means well, but I did not offer any sort of defense of Edgewood College's health plan--which I've never read--nor did I say that the Catholic Church supports some abortions. An interviewer asked me about the Catholic Church's position, and my own, on certain types of situations that sometimes arise in the course of pregnancy. I accurately reported that sometimes fetal death occurs as a foreseen and accepted side-effect of an act whose object is not the death of the fetus. I provided as an example the case of an aggressive uterine cancer in a pregnant woman requiring immediate removal of the uterus before fetal viability. Unless the procedure is performed mother and child will both perish. The Catholic Church does not say that the procedure is impermissible. Nor do I think it is morally impermissible. I noted that sometimes people refer to this sort of case as "indirect abortion." I said that I believe referring to it as an "abortion" is misleading and should not be done.
I also noted that it is not an abortion, nor is it impermissible, to remove from a woman's body the remains of a fetus who has died, as, sadly, sometimes happens. I certainly did not characterize this as a case of a morally permissible abortion.


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