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Thursday, June 7, 2018

"Freedom 'for' Religion: (Yet) Another View of the Cathedral"

I've posted a short paper on SSRN, on the idea of "Freedom 'for' Religion".   Here's the abstract:

This chapter is a reflection on the meaning and implications of "freedom for religion." It is suggested that to consider "freedom for religion" as one dimension of the right to religious freedom is to ask, "what are the necessary or helpful conditions that contribute to making religious freedom a healthy reality? What is needed 'for' religious freedom to work, even to thrive?" The chapter argues that a healthily "secular" political community may and should take account of citizens' religious lives and help to create conditions favorable to the fostering of religious life. Although the state should remain "neutral" with respect to (most) religious questions—primarily because the resolution of such questions, assuming for now that they can be identified, is outside the jurisdiction of civil authorities—it may and should affirm enthusiastically that religious freedom is a good thing and that it should be not only protected, but also nurtured, by law and policy.

As one would expect, Rouen and Monet make appearances . . .


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