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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Recent victories in battle against legalization of physician assisted suicide

This morning, Riverside Superior Court Judge Ottolia, overturned the California End of Life Option Act, a law allowing physician-assisted suicide.  Judge Otollia “ruled that the state legislature should not have approved the assisted-suicide law during that special session because the subject of the law fell outside the grounds of the special session.” Judge Ottolia also stated that the End of Life Option Act does not fall under the category of healthcare options.  The ruling will certainly be appealed and challenged, probably overruled, but it is heartening to see some recognition of the fallacy of considering assisted suicide "health care."

Even more heartening is the fact that proposals to legalize physician assisted suicide in both Massachusetts and Delaware failed this past spring, despite intense targeting by Compassion in Choices.  Hard-fought victories by the opponents in both cases, but victories none the less.


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