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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Congratulations to Mary Ann Glendon on the Evangelium Vitae Medal

I'm pleased to pass on the news from the University of Notre Dame that this year's winner of the Center for Ethics & Culture's Evangelium Vitae medal is Prof. Mary Ann Glendon.  (Here's the news.)  I had the pleasure of attending the Mass and dinner celebrating the occasion.  Hundreds of people, including many Notre Dame students, came together to honor and thank Glendon for her work and witness.  

Contrary to an unfortunate and misleading report from Distinctly Catholic, which was not based on any actual knowledge about the event itself, there was nothing remotely partisan (and certainly nothing "Republican") about the gathering.  (In fact, the only politician I saw was pro-life Democrat Dan Lipinski.)  Glendon's own brief remarks focused on her community of pro-life women in Boston and on the crucial connection between the pro-life cause and solidarity with the poor.  And the many Notre Dame students whose pro-life commitments inspire them to volunteer to help women in the community appreciated that connection.  Congratulations to Glendon!   


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