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Thursday, January 18, 2018

A reasonable and welcome decision to enforce conscience-protection rules

Read more here. It's strange that critics see something strange or ominous in a decision to have the Civil Rights Division allocate some resources to enforcing some important civil-rights laws -- which is, of course, what healthcare conscience protections are.  Division should allocate resources to make those protections meaningful.  The critics of this announcement are wrong to frame these protections in terms of "discrimination" or "disapproval."  Instead, they represent a sensible way of accommodating and respecting diversity and pluralism in the public square.  Once again, we see the widespread "confusion about discrimination" - for more on that, go here!

Contrary to the as-per-usual misleading complaint by Planned Parenthood (quoted in the linked-to story), the decision does not "impose a broad religious refusal policy" but simply remedies the previous administration's failure to follow longstanding policy.


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