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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"Erroneous Autonomy" conference at Catholic University of America

Prof. Stephen Schneck passed on to me a notice about an upcoming conference ("Erroneous Autonomy:  The Dignity of Work") at Catholic University of America that might be of interest to MOJ readers.  Michael Sean Winters blogs about the event here.  

The event is co-sponsored, it appears, by the AFL-CIO and that union's President, Richard Trumka, is one of the speakers.  (I'm afraid I was not invited to explain that and why the Church's social teachings regarding the dignity of work and the freedom of association do not, contrary to the suggestions of some, provide support for public-employee unionism as it exists and is practiced in the United States.  Maybe next time.) 

I continue to suspect that the anti-libertarianism campaign of some Catholics who are political progressives often sets up straw men (i.e., attacks as "libertarian" or "Randian" positions that do not depend on or reflect the unsound anthropological premises of philosophical libertarianism). Here's a post I did a little while ago (on the occasion of an earlier CUA conference in this series), that tries to develop this concern.  


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