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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

David Gushee's candor about the shrinking "middle ground"

It is sometimes said that concerns about threats to religious freedom, properly understood, in America are overstated, or partisan, or part of a misguided "culture war" mentality.  Of course, the threats and persecutions faced by many religious believers in many other places are far more grave.  Still, those who imagine that religious freedom doesn't face challenges, even threats, here in the United States, are seriously mistaken.

This piece by David Gushee is refreshingly candid, and discusses the dynamic that I'm talking about.  The only way it can be the case that religious freedom is not threatened by the developments he describes, anticipates, and welcomes is if "religious freedom" is (mis)defined so as to include only the religious freedom of those who share Gushee's views.  


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