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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Well, that was quick: Sen. Tim Kaine flips on the Hyde Amendment

Sen. Tim Kaine, the Democrats' candidate for Vice-President, is a practicing Catholic, and his position on abortion has been described in some quarters as "nuanced," because, in the past, he signed legislation allowing modest regulations (like parental notice) and limiting partial-birth abortion.  Apparently, though, only a month after telling a magazine that he supports the Hyde Amendment . . . he no longer does.  The new Democratic platform is, with respect to abortion, the most aggressive and radical its ever been -- and this in a year where the VP candidate is described by some as a "Pope Francis Catholic."  (I imagine the Holy Father would say, "well, sure:  like me, and like all of you, he's a sinner.)

". . . for Wales?"


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