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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"The End of Human Dignity?" Conference at Notre Dame

It's a nice problem to have but, sometimes, it is just not possible to attend all of the interesting events going on in lovely, cosmopolitan South Bend, Indiana. This conference, "The End of Human Dignity?  Recovering the Intellectual Appeal of Human Dignity for the Philosophical and Theological Imagination", has featured an array of amazing speakers.  Here's the blurb:

In recent years the concept of human dignity has come under intense scrutiny and has even been dismissed as “stupid” and “useless.” The erosion or outright dismissal of the concept of human dignity raises foundational questions, such as who is the human person and what kind of communities do we wish to inhabit? What would society look like if the language of human dignity were partly or entirely eliminated from public discourse? Such questions require that those who would assert the concept’s normativity must offer a philosophical and theological response that takes seriously the critique, renews the discourse, and offers new possibilities for how we may meaningfully engage the concept of human dignity.

My understanding is that, soon, video of the talks will be available online.  Stay tuned!


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