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Monday, February 29, 2016

My first and (I hope) only post on Donald Trump

A longtime MOJ reader wrote to me and asked why I/we have not said anything about the rise, currently popularity, and apparently likely nomination of Donald Trump.  I suppose (speaking only for myself) the reason why I haven't (and least, I don't think I have) said anything about those subjects is a mix of (a) they are depressing and horrifying and (b) I don't imagine a blog that aims to develop and apply "Catholic legal theory" is going to be the go-to spot for commentary on political and cultural phenomena like these.

In any event, and for what it's worth, (i) I desperately do not want Donald Trump to be nominated by one of my country's major parties -- in this case, the party that, in my view, has been a necessary and important vehicle for some important and worthy causes in recent decades; (ii) I am genuinely surprised (and deeply disappointed) by the fact that Trump is getting the support of so many self-described "evangelicals"; (iii) I do not believe that Trump will be elected, but his nomination will bring out and stir up a lot of extremely unattractive and unworthy views and expression, and will undermine (for decades, I suspect) the possibility of real political engagement and argument; and (iv) Trump's nomination will probably mean that the next President will be Sec. Clinton, which (in my view) will be regrettable for many reasons.

There's a lot to be written about why the Trump phenomenon is happening now (I think Ross Douthat and Charles Murray have been very perceptive in identifying some of the reasons).  In any event, I imagine I'll be writing in Mitch Daniels's name come November.       


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