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Monday, January 25, 2016

Response to Whole Women's Health amici re women's equality

The amicus briefs in support of Whole Women's Health are pouring in. Scotusblog is of course keeping track here, and Center for Reproductive Rights has posted summaries of the many amici in support of their position. MOJ readers have likely already heard the disturbing news that one brief offered by 100+ female attorneys opens with the line, "I am an attorney because I had an abortion."

I respond to this brief and others supporting the view that abortion is necessary for women's full equality in an article in today's new Boston-based online newspaper, the NewBostonPost. (My complete argument against this position can be found here, and I hope to write more as the March arguments approach.)

The NBP is a pro-life, pro-family paper seeks to provide a more becoming alternative to the Boston Herald. "Although neither partisan nor agenda driven, the NewBostonPost aims to provide a home for conservative, libertarian, classical liberal, and moderate voices in an effort to promote constructive and civil debate on issues of concern to New Englanders and all Americans." Please support their important efforts (here in desolate New England) with a point and a click


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