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Monday, January 25, 2016

Memento Mori: High School Students Bear and Remember Those Who Die Alone

This story was both inspiriting and, for me, moving. It tells of a group of high school students who volunteer to serve as RLS kidspallbearers for those who die alone, unremembered and without family. From the story:

The students, dressed in jackets and ties, carry the plain wooden coffin, and take part in a short memorial. They read together, as a group:

"Dear Lord, thank you for opening our hearts and minds to this corporal work of mercy. We are here to bear witness to the life and passing of Nicholas Miller.

"He died alone with no family to comfort him.

"But today we are his family, we are here as his sons.

"We are honored to stand together before him now, to commemorate his life, and to remember him in death, as we commend his soul to his eternal rest."

The student volunteers come from The Roxbury Latin School, and are shepherded by Assistant Headmaster Michael Pojman. RL happens to be my old high school. Mr. Pojman was my Chemistry teacher. Well done, alma mater.


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