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Friday, December 18, 2015

Threat to Religious Liberty in MA

Andrew Beckwith with the Mass Family Institute writes in the New Boston Post today that a Superior Court judge ruled this week that an all-girls Catholic school in the area "cannot refuse to hire a man who is married to another man, despite the fact that Catholic teaching defines marriage as between a man and a woman." A 1989 religious exemption in the state employment non-discrimination law would seem to protect the school in this situation. But the judge determined that exemption was restricted to those schools that “limit membership, enrollment, admission or participation” to the faith community the school represents. (Sound familiar?) Moreover, the judge noted, in support of his ruling, that the school at issue “encourages debate, including on issues of same-sex marriage, and does not prohibit students from exploring and even advocating ideas and positions contrary to church teachings.” 

One hopes an appeal is forthcoming. 


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