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Thursday, December 3, 2015

America Magazine on Repealing the Second Amendment

America is running an editorial called "Repeal the Second Amendment."  Although I feel confident that any such repeal, via the procedures set out in the Constitution for amending the Constitution, is and will remain extremely unlikely, and although I am inclined to think that law-abiding, healthy people do and should have a "right" to own (subject to reasonable regulations, etc.) at least some firearms (although I do not own one),  I commend the editors for their candor in calling for "repeal" rather than for legislators, officials, or judges to ignore or incorrectly interpret the "embarrassing" provision.  If, in fact, the Second Amendment (like, say, part of the Seventh) is an anachronism or (like the Eighteenth) a mistake, a duly ratified process exists for an appropriate response.


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