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Saturday, November 21, 2015

"For Freedom Set Free" Conference at Notre Dame Center for Ethics & Culture

One of the highlights of the academic year at Notre Dame is the Center for Ethics & Culture's annual Fall Conference, which is going on now in snowy South Bend.   Ably led by my good friend and colleague Carter Snead, the Center's contributions to Notre Dame's mission are incalculable.   To pick out just one highlight, last night featured a pointed and provocative back-and-forth between Fr. Martin Rhonheimer and Dr. Thomas Pink on Dignitatis Humanae, coercive authority, doctrinal development, and other good stuff.  (Watch it here.)

Later this afternoon, MOJ-er Michael Moreland and I are participating in this panel:

Religious Liberty: Theory and Freedom of the Church
"The Infrastructure of Religious Freedom," Richard Garnett (University of Notre Dame)
"When Is a Religious Institution a Religious Institution?" Michael Moreland (Villanova University)
"Religious Freedom and the Secular State: Natural Law and Natural Ends," Rev. Thomas Joseph White, O.P. (Dominican House of Studies)
Conference Center Lower Level

Come say hello!


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