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Sunday, August 30, 2015

More human-rights violations and anti-Christian persecution in China

See (just by way of example) this piece in The Guardian.  I understand entirely the impulse, in the academy and elsewhere, to "engage" in and with the PRC.  Indeed, how could a Christian not, given the very rapid growth in the number of Christians in that country.  And yet . . . "engagement" must not be an excuse -- for researchers, universities, business executives, investors, or politicians -- for turning a blind eye to, or making excuses for, the rampant human-rights violations and the oppression of Christians and other religious minorities:   

Chinese security forces have launched a roundup of church activists who opposed a Communist party campaign to remove crosses.

“At least nine people I know have been taken away by the police and that figure is still rising,” a church leader in the eastern province of Zhejiang – the operation’s focus – told the Guardian on Thursday afternoon.

“We think it is a campaign targeting church leaders across the province. It can only be a co-ordinated action initiated by the provincial government.”

Among those understood to have been detained is Zhang Kai, a prominent Beijing human rights lawyer who had been offering legal support to a number of churches in the region.


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