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Friday, May 29, 2015

Robin Wilson on SSM, religious freedom, and Bob Jones

Here, in USA Today, is my friend Robin Fretwell Wilson, following up on the mentioning in the same-sex-marriage arguments last month of the possibility that religious institutions that reject same-sex marriage will get "Bob Jones-ed" (i.e., lose tax exemptions):

 If the Supreme Court finds a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, it can, and should, leave room for states to accommodate those who adhere to a traditional view of marriage. And if the Supreme Court allows the states to debate and decide the marriage issue themselves, then states will continue to have the freedom to accommodate both gay couples and religious dissenters. Every state that has legalized same-sex marriage to date has done this, and while some of their solutions are imperfect, all of them would be a huge improvement over a winner-take-all approach that secures rights for some at the expense of others.

The reality is that same-sex marriage and religious dissent can coexist in this country, but it will require hard work and a lot of good will from all sides.


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