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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scarpa Conference's Summer Reading Challenge

Rick's tour de force in summarizing the presentations at Friday's Scarpa Conference at Villanova conveys a sense of why we are all so grateful to Patrick Brennan for bringing us together.  However, he stopped blogging too soon.  The most dramatic event was the dinner afterwards, when Patrick and John Breen almost came to fisticuffs over whether Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisted, or Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, is the quintessential Catholic novel.  (Susan Stabile tried to broker a compromise with Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamozov, but she didn't make much headway.)

So we're suggesting a virtual summer book club.  Some of us may read, or re-read, (or watch the movie versions of) any or all of those three books over the summer, and post our thoughts.  The winner (if one emerges) will get to hear Michael Scaperlanda's defense of Godfather III as the best of the Godfather movies......


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