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Friday, March 6, 2015

"Capital Punishment Must End"

"Capital Punishment Must End" is the title of this joint-editorial, published by Our Sunday Visitor, The National Catholic Reporter, The National Catholic Register, and America.  I very much agree that our governments should abandon capital punishment.  (More here.)  

That said, I am uncomfortable with connecting the case and movement against capital punishment (as the editorial does in a few places) either to the Supreme Court's pending case in Glossip v. Gross or to the recent decisions by some state governors to halt executions.  I continue to believe that it is important -- that it really matters -- that capital punishment end not as a result of unsound court decisions or possibly-overreaching executive actions.  It sounds increasingly old-fashioned -- or worse!  "formalistic"! -- I know, but legislatures, not judges and governors, make, and un-make, laws.


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