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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another nice review of Garnett & Brinig, "Lost Classroom, Lost Community"

Here's a nice review by Will Seath, at the Fare Foreward site, of Nicole Garnett's and Peg Brinig's new bookLost Classroom, Lost Community:  Catholic Schools' Importance in Urban America.  A taste:  

Lost Classroom, Lost Community’s sobering last chapter asks readers to imagine the implications of cities without Catholic schools; the loss of quality social capital-building education in traditional neighborhoods, leaving families unable to afford alternatives to poor quality public schools struggling in the wake of others seeking refuge away from their declining neighborhoods.  “Our cities may well survive (indeed, they may have to survive) without Catholic schools,” Brinig and Garnett conclude, “but our evidence suggests strongly that they would be better off if they did not have to do so.”


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