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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Notre Dame Fumble

A sober and sobering analysis of Notre Dame's decision to grant benefits to same-sex partners, by three of the University's most distinguished scholars, John Finnis, Gerard V. Bradley, and Daniel Philpott.  The bottom line:

"If Catholic institutions extend benefits to same-sex couples, then our era will not only be historic because of the civil power’s endorsement of immoral sex. It will also turn out to be a historic moment in the extensive de-Catholicization of many institutions. It is worth stressing again: structural sin is difficult to contain. This would be a destructive loss made possible by these institutions’ own choice—their unforced, unnecessary, unjustified, and irresponsible choice—to treat same-sex couplings as marital simply because the civil power and the couples in question declared them so."

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