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Saturday, December 6, 2014


In a world in which whatever doesn't violate the harm principle goes, forgiveness is a mostly idle concept.  In the real world, however, where we sin in all kinds of ways and degrees that elude Mill's impoverished and arbitary norm, forgiveness is the gift of life.  Literally.  Forgiveness, often mistakenly analyzed as an optional piece of supererogation, is required by the very requirements of proper self-love itself, and it is therefore required without condition.  The refusal to forgive works an abominable self-annihilation.  The free and respectful granting of forgiveness liberates.  Forgiveness does not entail reconcilation --  forgiveness is sufficient unto itself, as all of us who have been forgiven by the Divine Judge should be quick to announce.  I argue the (controversial) case for UNconditional forgiveness here 


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