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Sunday, December 7, 2014

America the Supranational

The recent edition of Modern Age includes a welcome symposium devoted to "American Foreign Policy."  The essay contributed by  James Lucier, "former staff director of the U.S. Foreign Relations Committe," stands out.  Lucier presses for the US Constitution on the ground that it recognizes that "man is a fallen creature and ... human nature will never change."  It's true, of course, that human nature will never change.  It's also true that we humans are all fallen creatures.  What Mr. Lucier refuses to acknowledge, because he is out to defend the Anglo-American legal indifference to salvation, is the power of the supernatural.  Lucier rages that under civil (as opposed to common) law, "[t]he right of the individual is subordinated to the order of the common good."  The priority of the common good should have been clear to Mr Lucier, but his preference for "the individual" (his term) triumphed.  


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