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Monday, November 17, 2014

A new position of interest

Mirror of Justice is not a jobs-postings site, but I thought this one might be of special and particular interest:

The Catholic Benefits Association (CBA) has had substantial success in providing a means for Catholic employers to provide health care coverage consistent with Catholic values.  It and its subsidiary, the Catholic Insurance Company (CIC), are searching for their first Chief Executive Officer.  With almost 700 member employers providing healthcare coverage for their 70,000 covered employees, the CBA and CIC seek a Catholic person who can build and manage a team dedicated to providing quality, competitively-priced, morally-compliant health care benefits for Catholic employers.   In addition to excellent leadership, marketing, and management skills, the successful candidate should also have substantial experience working with employer health plans, health benefits analysis, or group health insurance.  He or she should have a heart for the Catholic Benefit Association’s mission explained atwww.lifeaffirmingcare.com.  Those interested in applying should contact Joan Rennekamp at[email protected] or 719-386-3009.


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