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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Global Perspectives on Subsidiarty, edited by Michelle Evans and Augusto Zimmerman, has just been published.  In addition to my "Subsidiarity in the Tradition of Catholic Social Doctrine" (a fairly final version of which is here ), the volume includes such chapters as "Subsidiarity in the Writings of Aristotle and Aquinas" by Nicholas Aroney, "The Relationship Between Sphere Sovereignty and Subsidiarity" by Lael Daniel Weinberger, "Subsidiarity and Social Pluralism" by Jonathan Chaplin, and "Subsidiarity and the Reform of the Welfare of the Nation State" by Robert A. Sirico, among many others.  

This rich volume offers a much-needed correction of the ubiquitous confusions --  especially among those who miss or deny what Roger Scruton recently called "the good of government" -- according to which subsidiarity amounts to either a norm of smallness per se or of devolution. Any serious academic library should own a copy of this book.     


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