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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Religious Perspectives on Just War Theory


Cambridge University Press has just published a new sourcebook entitled Religion, War, and Ethics. The project took place under the guidance of Greg Reichberg and Henrik Syse, both of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo. The religious perspectives include: Judaism, Catholic Christianity, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Protestant Christianity, Sunni Islam, Shi’ite Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese and Korean traditions, Japanese traditions, and the Sikh tradition. Dr. Reichberg wrote the historical background of the Catholic tradition chapter, and I wrote the section dealing with contemporary sources. Unlike some anthologies where the authors simply write their contributions without any contact with the other contributors, we met as a group on a number of occasions to discuss one another’s chapters. In doing so, I believe we came to a better understanding of our own individual traditions as well as the others included in this project. As the publication is over seven hundred pages, this book will hopefully be a good research tool for theorists as well as those responsible for making and executing official government policies.


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