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Monday, April 28, 2014

In defense of "deliberate" killing

Nigel Biggar's post, in which he responds to philosopher Chris Tollefsen's review of his (Biggar's) new book, is well worth a read.  The issues over which (it appears) Tollefsen (and others) disagree -- issues having to do with intention, deliberation, choice, means-and-ends, consequences, responsibility, and culpability -- with Biggar (and others) are difficult and -- who are we kidding? -- beyond my training or ability to work through confidently.  That said, and as I think I've said before here at Mirror of Justice, I have not been able to get to Tollefsen's position on some of these and similar matters.  Sometimes, it seems to me, people choose to act in way -- they choose to do something and they do so, as Biggar says, "deliberately" -- that they know will cause the death and that does cause the death of an innocent person.  And, sometimes, (it seems to me) it is morally permissible for them to do so.


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