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Friday, February 21, 2014

Euthanasia for Children in Belgium: WWJD?

Mary Jo Anderson has written a wonderful essay on Belgium's recent approval of a law permitting children to "choose" euthanasia, on the Crisis Magazine website, Mocking Compassion:  Euthanasia Beyond Belgium.  She points out something that should make it simple for Christians to cut through all the tortured reasoning about 'compassion' and 'choice' and 'suffering' that swirls around in euthanasia debates.  She writes:

Christians can take their cue on the question from Malcolm Muggeridge: “Jesus healed the sick, raised Lazarus from the dead, gave back sanity to the deranged, but never did He practice, or include, killing as part of the mercy that occupied His heart. His true followers cannot but adopt the same attitude.”



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