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Thursday, December 5, 2013

An op-ed (by me) on the Hobby Lobby case and RFRA

I have a short piece in the LA Times today about the Hobby Lobby / Conestoga Wood cases the Court has taken up.  (As usual, the headline is not the essay-writer's fault.)  Here's a bit:

 The Religious Freedom Restoration Act reaffirmed an idea that is deeply rooted in America's history and traditions — namely, that politics and policy should respect and, whenever possible, make room for religious commitments and conscientious objections. True, religious liberty is not absolute, and, in a pluralistic society like ours, not all requests for exemptions and accommodations can, or should, be granted. Some religious liberty lawsuits will, and should, fail, but not simply because they involve what happens at work on Monday and not what happens in services on the Sabbath.


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