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Saturday, October 5, 2013

So What Is Papa Bergoglio Really Saying

Once again another Pope Francis interview hits the temporal media with the La Repubblica interview written by Eugenio Scalfari, a well educated man who left the Church but desires to engage the Holy Father. It is clear from the La Repubblica publication that the Pope's comments were not recorded digitally or in notes but in a mental reconstruction by Senor Scalfari. Once again, the temporal press is taking elements of the interview out of a much deeper context so their selective emphases distort what the Pope actually said, some of which has a bearing on juridical and ecclesial issues, particularly the social teachings of the Church which are of interest to many in the Mirror of Justice community.

The United States Assistancy has an interesting publication called the "Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits." The current issue, which came out today, has the first of a two-part publication of some of Father Bergoglio's writings as Jesuit Provincial and formator. These writings are translated and edited by Father Philip Endean, SJ of the British Province. Philip and I are friends even though we don't always agree on certain points. But agreement on everything is not essential to authentic friendship. Father Endean has done an important service in this translation project by showing what underpins the contemporary expressions of Pope Francis that are hitting the press today. I have just read the first installment of the translations of some of the early Bergoglio writings, and the contrast on some matters between Father Ratzinger and Father Bergoglio appear from time to time. But what demonstrates a union of the minds of this two men who became the Vicar of Christ is their mutual concern about sin, salvation, and elitism or self-referentialism. 

The Assistancy has kindly made Father Endean's most helpful work available HERE . I am confident that readers will find Father Bergoglio's past words informative and indicative of who he is and where he's going.


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