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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Now This is Getting Ridiculous: NSA Spying on the Pope

A few months ago (here), I suggested that we should be troubled by the growth of the "Surveillance State" in the United States as an affront to human dignity, which demand appropriate respect for privacy and confidentiality.  As the Catholic Catechism says, even beyond the special protection of professional secrets, “private information prejudicial to another is not to be divulged without a grave and proportionate reason.”

Now we learn (here) that even Pope Francis is apparently a suspect in the eyes of the National Security Agency, which intercepted telephone calls from his villa during the Vatican Conclave at which he was elected pontiff.  To the government's assurances that it abides by strict constraints in conducting its surveillance and that abuses are rare, wiretapping bishops and cardinals serves as a contradicting response.


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