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Friday, July 5, 2013

Lumen Fidei

Pope Francis's first encyclical, The Light of Faith, (with the assistance of Pope Benedict XVI) has just been released. Here is the link: Lumen Fidei .

One of the most striking elements is the Holy Father's acknowledgment that the light of faith has been dimming in some sectors of the Church. For those of us interested in and involved with the project of Catholic legal theory, we need to reflect upon what else can be done to intensify the light of truth which God, through Jesus, has given us.

Pope Francis also reminds us that we must be like and be not like Peter: to avoid the temptation to deny our responsibility, and to embrace our duty to present the faith boldly through the efforts of our helping others distinguish clearly between right and wrong, good and evil, virtue and vice. As Blessed John Paul II often did, Pope Francis concludes with a prayer to Mary, our Mother.

There is much more to be pondered in this encyclical, and perhaps others will join me in offering thoughts about it in the coming days.


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