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Thursday, June 6, 2013

"a real game-changer"

"A real game-changer," that's how Claire Lucas, senior advisor to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), described the Obama administration's new program to train activists on behalf of homosexual causes around the globe.  Here is the story . Trouble is, it's not a "game," and no one should be fooled into treating it as one.  U.S. taxpayers' dollars are being spent to advocate internationally for laws and policies that most Americans still oppose and that, what is more, violate the moral law.  

And speaking of law, consider the following conclusion of Ursula Cristina Bassett concerning what ensues, as a matter of historical fact, upon legal recognition of homosexual union:  “It quickly became clear that legalising same-sex marriage required a revolution to our internal law. It impacted laws regulating public order, identity, gender, rules of kinship, filiation, marriage, names, marital property arrangements, divorce, alimony, parental rights, succession, domestic violence, adoption, artificial reproductive techniques, surrogate motherhood, liberty of conscience, criminal law, tax law and employment law, among other topics. All of these subjects would need to be attuned to the gender-neutral paradigm ... same sex marriage law in Argentina has turned the law upside down—no stone has remained unturned”.  Basset's work was recently considered by the British Parliament (here at column 947) before it voted, in effect, to leave "no stone . . . unturned."

While many are busily "dialing it down," including a growing number of equivocating and misleading Catholic prelates (e.g., Belgium's Cardinal Danneels), the players of the "game" that is no game at all are positioning things to leave no stone unturned.  The purveyors of the Church of Nice are complicit, alas, in the creation of an unCatholic world order.           


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