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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More on Human Trafficking and Pope Francis

    I have previously blogged about what attention, if any, Pope Francis had given to the issue of human trafficking, prior to his selection as Pope. I expressed my hope that he would address the scourge of human trafficking in today's world, as I view it to be the moral issue of our generation. On Easter Sunday I was glad to see that he addressed it head on, describing it as "the most extensive form of slavery in this 21st century." Perhaps equally as important as addressing it in this highly visible forum, Pope Francis linked it to broader issues of selfishness, greed, and peace. By appropriately placing it among the most fundamental world issues, Pope Francis highlights that the multi-billion dollar industry of modern day slavery throughout the world is an issue of world peace. Within a month of taking office on the holiest day of the year, Pope Francis reminded the world that the buying and selling people as "profitable products" is not only immoral, but a destabilizing force for individuals, families, economies, and countries.


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