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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Hideous monsters"

Let's be clear about at least one of the problems I raised here.  The Pentagon is formulating policy on "religious tolerance" by consulting (inter alios) a person, Mikey Weinstein, who demonizes Christians.  Read this Huffington Post by Mr. Weinstein and tell me with a straight face that Weinstein does not demonize Christians.  It doesn't matter that he doesn't (explicitly) demonize *all* Christians; it is sufficent that he demonizes some Christians. Does anyone here disagree that demonizing Christians is deeply wrong?  Is there a category of those who follow Christ who deserve to be demonized?  Bob Hockett seeks to save the situation by granting that Weinstein is "rhetorically adolescent." Please. When an adult calls Christians "hideous monsters"  and other such things, the problem is not an extended adolescence.  Would someone here at MOJ try to save the reputation of a columnist/commentator who wrote of "hideous Jews" on the putative ground of extended adolescence?  The question answers itself.  Why do Christians deserve less respect than, say, members of the Jewish faith?  We should *start* by facing the fact that Weintsein's Christophobia is vile, vicious, and culpable.    


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