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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pope Benedict and the New Evangelization

Andreas Widmer has an insightful analysis  suggesting that Benedict completed the work of JPII and then laid the groundwork for the New Evangelization, realizing that that project should be headed by someone else.  Here is the conclusion:

The timing he chose is greatly important. If he had waited until pundits, even only a few, would call for his abdication it would be too late. Then the political undertones would diminish and pollute the sincerity and selflessness of the decision. The way he decided to do it allowed Benedict to be ahead of the speculators and politicians among us. Dare I say he outsmarted them?

Leaders take note: Pope Benedict XVI provides a rare but profound example of humility in action. True leaders put their cause before their power and self-interest. Far from a failure or weakness, this may be the most shining moment of Benedict's papacy, and what will turn out to be a historically brilliant move.

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