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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time Magazine: Pro-Life Movement is Winning!


We may lose some political battles, such as the re-election to the White House of the most pro-abortion candidate ever nominated by a major party, but the pro-life cause is winning the war by changing the hearts and minds of our young people.

In this Time issue, Emily Buchanan writes:

Not only does this young generation of pro-life women shun the notion that abortion somehow liberates women; it views abortion as the civil- and human-rights cause of our day.

For more on this very important issue of Time, from a pro-life perspective, see here.




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While the cover story by Time correspondent Kate Pickert identifies a number of the strategies being used by pro-life advocates, especially on the state level, and though she points out chinks in the armor of the pro-choice forces, her article is primarily a call-to-arms to the pro-life camp that it needs to wake up and counter the many incremental gains that pro-life advocates have made. Still, her article is valuable for the strategic detail she relates about both sides to the abortion controversy.

Posted by: Bill Collier | Jan 3, 2013 9:28:59 PM