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Friday, January 4, 2013

Illinois Letters re. Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty

Illinois is considering and seemingly moving toward (although perhaps more slowly than expected) recognizing same-sex marriage.  Latest letters from two groups of academics, arguing for religious-liberty provisions, are here, here, and here.


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God Is Love. Love exists in relationship. Love is not possessive, nor is it coercive, nor does it serve to manipulate for the sake of self-gratification.

Marriage exists for the Good of the husband, the Good of the wife, and the Good of the family that is created by the union of husband and wife. The State should thus desire and seek to affirm that which is Good for the family. While it is true that one should never underestimate the value of a Loving friendship, how are same-sex sexual acts Good for the sake of the persons engaging in same-sex sexual acts? How does your "middle way" respect the inherent Dignity of the human person who has an inherent, unalienable Right to be treated with Dignity and Respect?

Posted by: N.D. | Jan 5, 2013 7:42:58 AM