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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No, it was not the Vatican.

I've blogged here before about Christopher Ferrara's epochal achievement Liberty, the God that Failed. Below, from my Foreword to the book, is food for thought about where the escalating licence for violence comes from -- and where it does not come from:

"The truth, though, is that the period in which the Catholic religion has been severed from the state, either completely or in large part, has been the bloodiest in human history. Some 27,000 died effecting liberty from the English Crown, and, as Ferrara demonstrates, we must also face 2 million dead in the French revolution (“inspired by the American example”), the genocide of 300,000 Catholics in the Vendee by the Jacobin regime, 3 million dead following the fall of the Jacobin and Thermidorian regimes, 600,000 dead in the Civil War in America, 16 million dead in World War I (fought to make Europe “safe for democracy”), 7 million dead in the Bolshevik democides, 70 million dead in World War II, 20 million dead in genocides, including 6 million Jews, and so it goes on and on. Just who imposed all of this suffering? No, it was not the Vatican."


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