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Saturday, December 29, 2012


"[T]he liberal constitutional State is completely confused with respect to its character and behavior. It cannot reason. It cannot hear the messages of nature spoken by organic corporations. It cannot see society’s final spiritual end or justly coordinate men as they actually are, body and soul. It has no effective head to administer its accidental, arbitrary, and willful laws. Lacking intelligence, it must increasingly resort to force to survive, even though this unintelligent use of force must contribute mightily to its own destruction. If it tries to appeal to the support it has from 'the majority' of traditional-minded people, it is nonetheless not appealing to justice, but only to force of numbers, a force indeed that a party can manipulate better than the State can. In point of fact, the history of liberalized constitutional states is one of helplessness, lack of confidence, and paralysis, making any decisive action, whether just or arbitrary, impossible."  John Rao, available here , at page 58.

Does the situation of helplessness and of ever-increasing resort to force described by Rao remind you of our nation's present predicament?  Maybe just a litte?  Guns, murders, budgets, "fiscal cliff," bickering . . . .


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