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Thursday, December 27, 2012

An outstanding piece on Catholic schools and the "new evangelization"

This piece, by Detroit's Archbishop Vigneron, is wonderful.  Read it, share it with everyone you know, and commit yourself to doing all you can to strengthen and sustain Catholic schools and their mission.  A bit:

I also believe that in order to re-launch Catholic school education, fulfilling the

mission Our Lord is calling us to fulfill through our schools, we need to become

agents of a fundamental renewal of our Catholic schools.  Here I look to the great

scholar Alcuin, who was the schoolmaster of Charlemagne and a very significant reformer

of Catholic education around the turn of the 9th Century and one of the leading lights of

the Carolingian Renaissance.  Alcuin’s efforts at launching a new education project

bore great fruit, reshaping Christian culture over 1000 years ago.


Today,  we’re Alcuin.  Christ is calling us “(to) put out into deep water” in the work of

renewal.  We must be “deep” in our selfexamination, “deep” in the changes we are

willing to make for the sake of our mission, and “deep” in the boldness with which we

will launch out into a new way of educating our children.  Half-measures will not be

sufficient to do the job.  Our schools need our commitment, our self-investment, and

our resolve if they are to become the instruments of the New Evangelization Christ

wants them to be.  Our children need what we have to offer in our schools, which is to

say they need Jesus, and woe to us if we fail them.  Jesus himself expects this of us, and

we cannot disappoint him.  I am resolved to spend the rest of my time as Archbishop of

Detroit working to strengthen our schools.  I know that you join me in that resolve,

because we know that nothing less than our children’s salvation is at stake.

7 Lk 5:4.



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