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Monday, October 29, 2012

"The Paul Ryan Controversy in Historical Context"

Matthew Shadle, at Catholic Moral Theology, has an interesting post up, which aims to provide some historical background and context for the "Paul Ryan controversy" and which notes, among other things, that Catholics have, in the past, had to think about how to deal and cooperate with (or not) "alien ideologies."  Like Rep. Ryan's critics, and the authors of the On All Our Shoulders statement, I agree that Rand-style "objectivism", and also certain forms of "libertarianism", are in serious tension with the Christian proposal; I do not think, though, that the "Ryan is a Randian!" charge is accurate or helpful, or that Catholic Social Teaching is necessarily statist, or that there is not ample room in the CST tradition for correctly-understood (i.e., understood in Christian-anthropology terms, not in atomistic or Randian terms) individualism.  Putting that all aside, though, I thought the post was thought-provoking.


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Perhaps one should consider Catholic Social Teaching, not in terms like Socialism, where the State becomes our father, but rather more in terms like Distributism:

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